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Re: Panel binding, terminology, etc.

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Scott K. Kellar wrote:

> Dwight Agner suggested that the lapped case binding might be the term for
> this type of binding. I believe that the lapped case binding is the term
> coined by Gary Frost to describe the german technique where a tough paper
> spine piece is molded over the spine; boards adhered (forming a narrow
> joint) to the flanges formed by the spine piece; the whole case thus formed
> is then covered by paper or cloth or a combination. I think this style was
> common in the 19th century- possibly earlier- and has shown excellent
> durability. I have used it myself; however it is NOT the panel binding style
> where the boards are covered separately (the defining factor). Any more name
> suggestions???
> Scott
  Just sto clarify.  The boards *can* be covered separately from the
spine piece in Gary's version of the lapped case construction.  In fact,
I have done it that way and have seen models by Gary done that way.
However, the more common use for this style binding is to cover the whole
case with paper or cloth so that it looks very much like the standard
case construction.

Bobbie Pilette
University of Texas-Austin

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