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Re: Final Bookways issue

Mr. Pastor,
In the heat of your condescension you may, I think, have missed  one or two
value-laden issues:
The amount of wealth required to support and extend the habitual use of
high-end technologies results in higher costs for EVERYONE-- costs of the
sort not yet fully imaginable, hence recognizable. Computers exist. (...Amen)
They must be acknowledged as a fact of life. They bring, within given
contexts, many benefits, however circumscribed by the emotional and/or
intellectual limitations of those who use them (Myself, apparently, a case in
point. A vous?). Your 'intimacy' with this medium and its potential excepted,
I would venture the opinion (a privilege of which I am apparently not fit to
partake) that although you clearly have the vocal support of a number of
deceased individuals in this matter, there are at least as many living as
dead who would subscribe (partially, at any rate) to my views, however
corrupt  they may seem to one as agreeable and well informed as yourself.
I've been called just about every name, but I must admit I've never been
accused of being politikly korrekt, although I can see where it might happen
on this list, handy as it is for servicing one's sagging ego and for working
out an apolojetiks for fundamentally mercenary attitudes, all care of the
gods of high tech. You DO care, Mr. Pastor. But I'm not really sure (make
that 'convinced') about what.

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