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Re: Politikal Korrektness rears its appearance-challenged head

This whole conversation has gone to hell. To Jon Pastor, Richard Minsky, and
all the contributors to this 'discussion,' my sincerest apologies for
assuming that we would refrain from bashing each other's brains out. I think
computers are absolutely wonderful. Really. And all that cyberstuff. Way
cool, as certain of my students have said. They're here, ain't they? Just
let's balance the social and cultural effects of our actions/creations. Let's
not sell anything to one other. Let's talk about these issues like adults.
Let's examine the econonies at work. Are they good? Which ones are
beneficial, and which aren't. What are the assumptions? Who benefits from
what, and who doesn't? And why? Etc. Again. My apologies to all concerned.

Joel Spector, AKA Nedd Ludd, Offender.

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