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Re: Patterns/grains in leather

Could the 'cobblestone' leather be Levant (sp?)?  In the bindery in which
I studied there was some scraps of leather that had a heavy pattern (I'm
not sure I would have described it as 'cobblestone').  I was told that
whatever it was/is was no longer available and my memory is a little
dim.  Does anyone remember any more?

Jane B.

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Terry Collins wrote:

> Hello to all.
> While cleaning some leather books I noticed some grain patterns that puzzled
> me.  I'm familiar with the basic grains: morocco, oasis, calf etc.  But these
> stumped me and my curiosity has peaked.  I thought some of you
might be able to identify them if I gave a decent description,
especially the more experienced
> bookbinders.  So here goes:
> The first pattern (grain?), for lack of a better descriptive term looks like
> little cobblestones.  And the "cobblestones" are slightly raised.  It is a
> set of books from 1788 (printed by John James, American I assume).  The pattern
> is the same on all the books, so it was intentional.
> The second looks like someone has spilled an acid or other caustic substance on
> the leather (calf) and allowed it to run down the cover.  The leather is not
> damaged, it just has the effect of watercolor applied to wet paper.  If I let
> my imagination go wild, it looks like some of Van Gogh's cypress trees: kind
> of out of focus and blurred.
> Do these patterns/grains have names?  I am
>  hoping some one may know.  Thanks
> for your time.
> Signed,
> Curious in Salem (NC)
> Terrence Collins
> Salem College

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