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Advice for sketches

I would appreciate suggestions from others on the list.  A friend brought
me some sketches that she would like to have bound.  There are 337
pieces, mostly pencil sketches and some quotes.  They are all about 6x9"--
none bigger, some about half an inch smaller, some horizontal and some

She is a very fine painter and I think it is quite possible that they
will be of more than sentimental interest someday.  The pictures show the
development of both her family and her skills as an artist over the past
18 years.

The first solution I have thought of is a scrapbook with guards between
the pages of the signatures to allow for the additional bulk of
attatching the pictures.  It could be either long stitch or a flatspine
case binding.  Probably it will take several volumes.

Do any of you have suggestions of the best way to attatch the pictures?
Slits seem like a hassle to do  for so many pictures and not real
secure.  I could use acidfree photo mounts.  Or they could be attatched
with a bit of starch paste at the corners.  Then each would have to be
dried under weight so the pictures wouldn't cockle.  But they could be
removed someday if they were needed.

What do you think?  I would like to do this right.  Thanks for
suggestions as I mull this over.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg Public Library, Alaska

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