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>Books and the Imaginary
>Humanities Research Institute
>Dartmouth College
>Winter Term 1997
>With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment
>for the Humanities, Dartmouth College will sponsor its eighth Humanities
>Research Institute during the Winter term (3 Janurary - 6 March) of 1997. This
>multi-disciplinary Institute will bring together scholars from Dartmouth and
>other U.S. and foreign universities to pursue individual research on the
>Institute topic.
>The Topic.  The institute, directed by Associate Professor of French and
>Italian Walter Stephens, will survey how the book has been figured in the
>imagination, from ancient times to the present, and across several cultures.
>Imaginary books, whether metaphorical or legendary, have been exploited by
>writers and artists since before Plato, in order to explore the relation
>between writing and life, representation and reality.  Possible topics for
>fellows might include encounters with the book by oral cultures;
>representations of books and writing in religious and occult discourse (e.g.,
>Kabbalah, alchemy, fundamentalisms, the grimoire); in Etruscology, Egyptology,
>philology, semiology, or mythography; literary forgeries and strategies of
>authorization; pictorial, plastic, or cinematic representations of books and
>writing; the history of printing or genres (e.g., the encyclopedia); the
>histories of libraries and/or collecting; bibliomania; "hypertext" and the
>future of the book in the electronic age.  There will be numerous lectures by
>distinguished researchers, a film series, a final colloquium, and one or more
>exhibitions of books and writing materials.
>Fellows.  The Winter 1997 Humanities Institute will gather eight faculty
>members from Dartmouth and four from other universities, plus the Distinguished
>Senior Fellow.  Residential Fellows from outside Dartmouth will receive a
>stipend of $3500, office space,  assistance in finding housing, library and
>computer services privileges.  Fellows should arrange for academic leave from
>their home institutions.
>Senior Fellow.  The Senior Fellow for the Winter 1997 Institute will be
>Professor Moshe Idel of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a renowned expert
>on the Kabbalah, one of the richest sources of lore on the significance of
>books and writing.
>Updates and further information on the Institute and Dartmouth College are
>available at our Worldwide Web site: http://www.dartmouth.edu/acad-inst/hri/
>How to Apply.  Applications must be received by January 31, 1995. For further
>information, please write: Professor Walter Stephens, Humanities Institute
>Director, c/o Sandra Gregg, 6201 Wentworth Hall-Room 307, Dartmouth College,
>Hanover NH 03755-3526;call (603) 646-3756; or e-mail:

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