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Re: Umbrella

>But my favorite book arts magazine remains *Umbrella*. Despite its
>inexpensive offset production, in which the saddle stitches are plain
>old staples, it covers the whole art -- and cognate arts as well. It has

To echo Karl Young, I also say *bravo* to Umbrella. When I first asked about
book arts/artists' book magazines & journals, I hoped to find, through posts
from all corners, about ones which were new to me. I certainly did not mean
to slight Umbrella, which has been essential and a favorite for a long time,
or JAB, which is an important and feisty new voice. All of us in many areas
of book arts owe a nod of appreciation to Judith Hoffberg, Umbrella, and
what they have been up to for many years now.


Charles Alexander
Chax Press
P.O. Box 19178
Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178
612-721-6063 (phone & fax)

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