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Art & Métiers du Livre

Perhaps the longest running glossy magazine in our field, and one which has
for many years covered everything from book sculptures to auction prices to
illuminated mss. to the Biblioteca Wittockiana is _Art & Métiers du livre_.
Again Karen Crisalli is your contact at Bookbinders' Warehouse. It helps if
you read French, but they do an English summary. Of course, it's
paricularly strong on binding, coming from Paris, but contemporary Livres
d'Artiste and anything else they can find is included. Joelle Naim, one of
their writers, poke to me this morning (she's in NYC this week) and I gave
her the address of Granary Books for the exciting book party there this
Friday at 6 (actually, it's coming into town for--Tim Ely and Johanna
Drucker). B there or B square.

And don't forget the International Artists Book fair opens that morning


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