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Re: Umbrella

Gee Karl, do you really think this would make a good Christmas/New Years
gift? And all I thought Charles was asking for was a *list* of
contemporary journals and newsletters having to do with book arts and
artists books. Kind of a holiday bonus I guess. Anybody else got any
holiday shopping suggestions? Unsolicited that is. If so I would suggest
holding them at least until after thanksgiving. Subliminal suggestions go
better on a full stomach.

jack sinclair

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Global Access Gateway wrote:

> Several days ago, Charles Alexander wrote:
> >Has there been a list posted here, or could someone post one, of
> >contemporary (meaning ongoing, still publishing) journals & newsletters
> >having to do with book arts and artist's books? Does anyone on this list
> >maintain such a resource?
> I wouldn't want to slight *Bookways*, particularly since I was fortunate
> enough to write for it on several occasions before its demise (many thanks
> to Tom Taylor and Anita Prewett, not only for the commissions, but for
> bringing in an eclectic like me). Nor would I want to slight other magazines
> mentioned since this thread got started -- nor a couple that have been left
> out, including stalwarts like *Hand Paper Making* or *Letter Arts Review.*
> But my favorite book arts magazine remains *Umbrella*. Despite its
> inexpensive offset production, in which the saddle stitches are plain
> old staples, it covers the whole art -- and cognate arts as well. It has
> >wise things to say about artistic
> >electronic communication possibilities and also [pays] attention to
> >and respect for the artist's book and its history (which goes back at least
> >to Blake but later includes Futurists and Dadaists and Fluxus artists
> as well as notices re fine press printing, past and present. Most of it is
> written by Judith Hoffberg herself -- and the breadth of her literacy in
> all forms of book art, as well as mail art and other related, and, just
> as important, not so related, modes, makes me look forward to each issue.
> It doesn't *systematically* list journals and newsletters, but there's
> always plenty to follow up on. I'm not sure a comprehensive list could
> be compiled given the scattered nature of individual publications, and
> the lack of agreement as to what "book art" means.
> As essential as highly focused magaizines may be to people in specific
> areas, loss of a larger context and continuity between arts seems one of
> the most serious dangers of specialization.
> An interesting thing about *Umbrella*: Remembering past issues, I'm sure
> there are at least some items that would probably be of interest to just
> about everybody who's posted on this list since I've been on it. I'd like
> to think that those items would be worth more than disagreements as to
> what should or should not be included.
> I've given friends subscriptions as Christmas or New Year presents. A
> month or so ago, I talked to a friend to whom I'd given such a subscription
> several years ago. Since she mentioned something she'd seen in *Umbrella*,
> I assume she's continued her subscription. Since her orientation toward
> book making is conservative, I also have to assume the mail art and other
> unconventional material hasn't bothered her much.
> If you're not familiar with *Umbrella*, it might be a good Christmas/New
> Year present to give yourself. It's probably a better bet than cuff links
> or cologne you'll wear only once or twice.
> For information, write Judith Hoffberg at umbrella@ix.netcom.com
> Best,
> Karl Young

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