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Re: Patterns/grains in leather -Reply

In response to Terry's query about two unidentified patterns/grains
in the leather:

(1)  Cobblestone pattern/grain
Roberts and Etherington in Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
describe a technique called "shagreen" which sounds a lot like the
cobblestone pattern/grain mentioned.  Though the term has undergone a
metamorphose (some believe it was originally the skin of a ray fish,
or sharkskin, or leather of an ass or other animal treated sometimes
with seeds to get that form) the one thing that distinguishes the
material is the resultant nubby, cobblestone texture.  Terry, was the
material green in color by any chance?

(2)  The acid-like pattern
Could this have been "mottled calf" as described by Roberts
/Etherington "a calfskin binding which has been decorated with an
irregular pattern produced by staining the covers of the book with
dabs or flecks of ferrous sulfate" or "tree calf" which they write is
"a form of cover decoration consisting of a smooth light-colored
calfskin treated with chemicals in such a manner as to represent a
tree trunk with branches..."

Just some thoughts. -Claudia Hill, Art and Architecture Thesaurus

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