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Re: Panel Binding

I see this thread ending, so I thought that I would tie it (loosely). Thanks
especially to Charles Mohr and Peter Verheyen, and several others, for
useful and interesting information. My final shot: The German Gebrochner
Ruecken (dubbed 'lapped component case binding' by Frost) may include the
panel binding style in a case format and the French Collage de la
Courverture is the panel binding style in a case format. As previously noted
this style can be well served as a split-board technique, perhaps even a
laced-boards technique. This being the situation I think that the style
needs a name that encompasses all of the above. So far, Panel Binding has
gotten the most votes from the List and local binders I've polled. The Ann
Repp style received one vote... Okay, I'm done. Thanks for the fun.


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