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reply to jack sinclair

jack, I answered your opening question in my original message. Charles
Alexander answered your second sentence in his original message and
repeated it in his reply to my message.

Beyond that: At least a quarter (maybe as many as half) of the posts to
this list have been endorsements of one sort or another, often unabashedly
plugging a book or a show or a gallery or a library or a lecture or a web
site or an artist. We've had a few that might be the envy of a good carney

That's as it should be. A list on which people try to share their
enthusiasms and provide opportunities for active involvement will be more
useful to serious workers than a list on which people put forward their

I hope it continues to do that, bearing in mind that enthusiasm doesn't
preclude serious criticism. Of course, it doesn't rule out a few people
bellyaching over trivia, either, but it helps differentiate bellyaching
from meaningful discussion -- and from justified praise.


Karl Young

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