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Re: No Subject

I think we're confusing the issue of what archival means. Many substances of
which books are made, in fact most are very yummy to insect and other
"pest". Among them leather, vellum, paper (sizings...)> I would not add
tymol as it is toxic to humans as well. One thing which I have found,
actually it was Gisela Noack at Yale is Clove oil. A drop or two in past
keeps it from going bad for up to a week at room temperature. Archival, to
me as a conservator, means reversible and not harmful to the object.
Methylcellulose might work, but doesn't have the adhesive qualities of
paste. I is indigestible though.


>I've heard YES paste is not archival. You could add thymol (available from
>Light Impressions and other suppliers) although it is toxic to two-legged as
>well as six-legged creatures. Oil of Cloves can be used as a safe insect
>repellant in starch based pastes, or you could use Methyl Cellulose.
>R. Williams

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