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Re: your mail


I'm not familiar with the yeas and neas of YES glue, but may be able
tohelp out on the "fadeproof" inks for your calligraphic fountain pen:
Assuming you are thinking of a black ink, Pelikan Fount India is a
pigmented ink that should hold up; you might also try Higgins Eternal, but
you'd want to rinse out your pen VERY well after use to prevent it from
permanently binding the flow mechanism.  That should not be a problem with
Pelikan Fount India.

If, on the other hand, you had color "inks" in mind, there are no
commercial "inks"--which are in reality analine dyes--that
you can safely use in a fountain pen that are not also fugitive. Most
calligraphers turn to gouache, and colors of Permanence Rating A or better,
for safe, non-fugitive colors, but these will not work through the
mechanism of a fountain pen.  So, if it's non-fugitive color you
want,  consider going on to a metal nib...or even a quill.

All the best,

Ann Alaia Woods

 On Fri, 10 Nov 1995, Jim Roche wrote:

> I enjoy drawing and doing calligraphy in the books I make, and prefer to
> use a fountain pen. However, I can find no information on permanent
> (archival) fountain pen inks (or at least those which are considered to be
> fadeproof). Does anyone know of such an ink and where I might order it?
> Another materials question --- I like to use YES paste in my book work
> because it doesn't buckle the paper, but have read conflicting reports on
> its archival qualities. Cockroaches seem to appreciate its flavor here in
> Louisiana, but so far that is the only negative attribute I've experienced.
> Is there anything I could add to the paste to make it unpalatable to
> insects? Or, what might be a good substitute with some of the same working
> qualities?
> Thanks to the many folks who responded to my question on stabilizing
> powdery pigments on marbled papers. Again, you may reply to the List or
> directly to the email address above.
> Krista Boehnert Roche
> James E. Roche
> Professor of Geology
> Department of Geology and Geophysics
> Louisiana State University
> Baton Rouge, LA  70808-4101
> Office: (504) 388-2707
> FAX:   (504) 388-2302
> email: glroche@lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu
>            jim@aapg.geol.lsu.edu
> WWW:           http://gbyerly.geol.lsu.edu/geology/fieldcamp.html

Ann Alaia Woods

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