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Calligraphy list

>From HALBERT@pyrmontclb.csr.com.au  Tue Nov 14 21:12:51 1995
From:   HALBERT@pyrmontclb.csr.com.au (Halbert, Erik)
Date: 95-11-05 22:52:26 EST
Message-ID: <"T4PGc1.0.mC3.JPGgm"@sul2>

Hi Karen,

I am a committee member of the Australian Society of Calligraphers and  I am
part of a world-wide e-mail network of calligraphers.  There are 50+ of us
in the network, most of whom are in the  United States and Canada, but some
of us are in Australia and other peculiar parts of the globe.  We comprise
calligraphic amateurs and professionals and have a common interest in
calligraphy.  The group actively generates e-mail ranging over all aspects
of calligraphy,  from personal bios, to helpful tips, to current exhibitions
etc. etc.  Topics are unlimited really as long as related to calligraphy or
related disciplines such as marbling, bookbinding etc.

Seeing your e-mail address in NEWSOS Fall 1995, N0.4, p. 11, I thought you
might be interested in joining the group.   If you are, let me know and we
can take it further.  My address is halbert@pyrmontclb.csr.com.au.

One of the things which is in the group is a growing list of the WEB sites
of calligraphic interest.  Due to the complexity of the internet, there may
well be sites there that you have not found but might be of interest.  Even
if you are not interested in the group, please reply and we can exchange

Kind regards

Erik Halbert

PS  If there are any other calligraphers who you think might be interested
in this group, would you let them know of it and ask them to contact me.


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