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Bibliography of bookbinding

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to compile a bibliography of books
on bookbinding in response to someone's suggestion that one of the list's
librarian subscribers do so.  I thought that all I'd have to do is do a
subject search on one of the online library catalogs.  I searched the
subject BOOKBINDING on OCLC and got over 4,000 hits.  Changing it to
BOOKBINDING--HISTORY narrows it down some.  It only retrieved 2,000 (I
think - all I remember for sure is that it was another 4 digit number).
A search of our Illinois statewide database found over 400 items.  Does
anyone have a suggestion on what I should do next?  I did not limit the
search to any particular time period or language (like English only).
Maybe it would be possible for those of you who have a favorite title or
two to send them to me and I can compile the list from that.  Peter said
that he'd post the list for review so things can be continually added

Nancy Edstrom
Illinois State Historical Library

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