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Re: The Century of Artists' Books


Have you had any time (nice thought huh?) recently to look at our homepage.
It is evolving in scope and quality. Still some thngs to be worked out but
much better/user friendly. Please know we would be glad to put an image of
Johanna's new book on-line along with a brief description if you like (same
as what we did for Spector book). Also know that I'm looking forward to
receiving my copy.and wish you well.

With Warm Regards, Byron

Byron Clercx,
Department of Art
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83843
(office) 208.885.6146, (fax) 208.885.9428, (e-mail) <clercx@uidaho.edu>,
or by viewing the UI Bookarts Homepage at: <http://www.uidaho.edu/~bookarts>

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