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New University of Idaho Bookarts Page

To all on Book_Arts-L

>Check out the UI bookarts page and the new look that I and my co-worker
>Keith have given it.  You will find your name at the base of the gallery
>page which links to your gallery space.  Hope this is ok with you.  I
>would love to hear from you about how the page is looking from your
>location.  Since we just put it up today there are bound to be some
>problems, slow load times, typo's etc.  A web crit would be wonderful.
>Hope you are fine.  Must go as it is late here.
>david schlater
>University of Idaho
Peter D. Verheyen                                       <wk> 315.443.9937
Conservation Librarian                                  <fax>315.443.9510
Syracuse University Library               <email>pdverhey@dreamscape.com
Syracuse University                    <www>http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey/
Syracuse, NY 13244                <Listowner>Book_Arts-L@listserv.syr.edu

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