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Re: Sources for archival quality paper

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995 16:52:58 -0500 Sasowsky Norman said:
In addition to the excellent information that Craig Jensen supplied
you, I would suggest that you look at the publication _North
American Permanent Papers_ published in 1994 by Abbey Publications
in Austin, Texas.  This is a compilation of information about
permanent ("archival") papers.  Papers are listed several ways, i.e.
by type of paper, by company that produces the paper, and by the name
of the paper.  In addition, there are chapters on recycled papers,
standards and testing of paper, and legislation about permanent paper.
The cost is a mere $7. and can be ordered directly from Abbey Publications:
7105 Geneva Dr.
Austin, Texas  78723

512 929-3992
512 929-3995 (fax)

Marcia Watt
Emory University
>I am interested in purchasing 500 sheets of 8-1/2 X 11" white, acid free
>paper stock that is suitable for xerox production, printing on two sides
>(little or no
>show through desired). Mohawk Superfine would do nicely. Anyone know of
>places to purchase same or comparable quality?   Thanks, Norman Sasowsky,
>University of Delaware.
>    Sources for archival quality paper

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