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Re: Bad luck?

Richard, Thank you, and I fully agree, not many know philosophy as well
as I but I felt that my dissatifaction with the book itself needed some
thoughtful justification.  Rest assured that The Temple University Press
will hear from my first thing on Monday (as I recieved the book too late
yesterday to complain to them) and I will ask them to replace this faulty
copy with one in "pristine" condition.  (Oh entropy lower not thy shades
upon my books so sweet!)  Anyway, know that I was just spouting-off
when I wrote that piece yesterday, and I appreciate any degree of
understanding that you or anyone puts forth, because I do care about
the condition of my books even though I use them quite frequently.
Books are meant to be read and referenced and as such they must be cared
for as anything is that is of value to us.  If we neglect our books then
we are neglecting our knowledge, for from books, good or bad, comes
enlightenment and in the words of Gunther Grass: "Even bad books are
books and therefore sacred."  Let us live to ensure that books will "live"
well beyond our time in this vale of tears.  Let work to preserve them and
to teach others to preserve and respect the book, and to open the eyes
of many to see that a book is someone else's mind transcribed onto pages,
and to allow it to wither is to allow the author to fade away and die
an ignominious death.  No, let us combat shoddy craft-"man"'s - ship
and work to ensure that books, like cars, are functional and will stand the
test of time.  A book is not a book unless it is read.
regards to you, Richard, and to all who are friends in this group.
Rommel John Miller

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