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Re: Bad luck?

I don't know much about Heidegger, or his philosophy, but I doubt it has much
to do with the particular lousy binding you received.  Similar, no doubt, to
many such sad wittnesses to the imperfections of mechanized case bindings.  I
might suggest that you return it to the publisher with a formal request that
the press provide you with a decent copy.  This will 1) get you a book you can
read 2) remind the publisher that books are read and must therefore be
readable.  If you are feeling kind you can assure the press in your cover
letter that you know how badly they must feel about this shameful lapse in
their standards (odds are good that the press could care less, but maybe this
will remind them that they ought to be concerned).  If you are feeling
vendictive you can make some snide remarks about allowing some margin for
Dorothy A.

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