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Re: Bad luck?

At 08:56 PM 11/17/95 EST, you wrote:
>        Great disregard for the reader went into assembling this book so
>that several pages, at the rear of the book, are askew and are actually
>binded into the spine of the book!  Some pages are misordered and some are
>actually cut-off in mid-word.  Now, I know that this all is probably the
>result of the folding and binding process going dreadfully awry, but can
>anyone see a point I'm trying to make?
>                                Rommel John Miller
>                                12544 Selsey Road
>                                Ocean City, MD  21842-9128
>                                RJM1095@sae.ssu.umd.edu
I think you are making much out of very little (as regards the condition of
the book). A notification to the publisher about the defective copy would
almost certainly result it a replacement. While it might be nice if some
caring soul personally inspected each and every book that was shipped out of
their warehouse, I doubt that you would appreciate the resulting increase in
book price and/or shipping charges. I don't really see that this indicates
any shoddiness on the part of the publisher; printing and binding are not
flawless processes, and the errors or shortcomings are often not readily
apparent without a careful examination.

Dwight Agner
Athens, Georgia                          dagner@mindspring.com

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