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Re: Bad luck?

>Rommel John and others with similar problems:
>IMHO, if you receive a badly produced (printed, collated, bound, etc) book
>from any publisher, send it back. Just like cars (remember not to buy one
>made on a Monday or a Friday), books can be lemons too.
>Sorry, I only know about books, not philosophy.
>Cheers, Richard.

What sometimes happens as well is the publisher is distant from the printing
& distribution of books -- more true the larger the publisher. What would be
perfectly acceptable for a publisher finding a book come back from a
printer/binder in such condition is to send it back and demand the work
re-done. Any book manufacturer worth her or his salt will re-do it for no
charge; their reputation depends on it. But these days unless you're a very
small publisher you may have boxes of books sent to a distributor's
warehouse from where all orders are filled. And perhaps only one of ten
boxes had books in such poor condition? Who knows? But I have dealt with
enough printers and binders, even of commercial books, to believe there are
many with integrity, who mean to make a quality product. But the publisher
also has to demand that quality product, as does the consumer.


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Chax Press
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