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Looking for an Archives Library Web Site

Dear Friends,

I'm writing to find out if any of you can help me. I'm currently an MLIS
student at SJSU and am working on a group project for a management class I'm
taking. The assignment involves going out to an archives library and
interviewing a decision maker in the organization as to how information
technology has changed things. The kinds of questions I'll be asking are:
how has info. technology affected the management of your organization
(i.e., is it flatter?, etc.); how has info. technology enabled you to be
more innovative; has info. technology changed your organization; what kind
of projects would you like to work on in the future; do you want people to
be able to access your archives online or do you want them to have to come
to the library to see them; are there any items online that people
would be unable to see if they were at your library (for instance, some
items may be kept in a vault); is your library an actually place; etc.

Everyone in my group is planning to work on an actual archives library,
but I've had the idea to do an online archives library, since it appears
that the web is turning into an important vehicle for archives. The problem
I'm having is that I'm not too familiar with archives on the web. Of course
I'm planning to do some research on the subject, but in the meantime I
thought I'd write to you folks, thinking that someone out there may just
know of the perfect site.

If you do, please don't hesitate to share it with me.

Thanks much for your time and consideration,


P.S. If anyone can offer me a good definition of "Archives" I would
appreciate it as well. It seems there are many different interpretations
as to what an archives collection is comprised of and even the SLA doesn't
have a written definition.

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