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Re: Fine Printing home page

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Terry Rowley wrote:

> >Subscribers to BOOK_ARTS-L might like to know that I now have a home page
> >devoted to British and American fine printing of the nineteenth and
> >twentieth centuries, with particular emphasis on William Morris and the
> >Kelmscott Press.
> >
> >The address is http://www.wam.umd.edu/~wsp/home.htm.
> >
> >William S. Peterson
> >wsp@wam.umd.edu
> >University of Maryland, College Park
> I am sorry to report that I was unable to make contact with your home page.
> I recieved a 404 code and a message that said site was write protected.
> Could you please or anyone else please assist.
> <Brendan Thomas Books>
> <88 Highland Ave.>
> <Naugatuck, CT. 06770>
> <203-729-1663
> <Terry Rowley>
> <Capnhuff@connix.com>

The WAM (Workstations at Maryland) system seems to be overloaded at the
moment, but other correspondents tell me that they were able to get it.
Try it again at a less popular hour, please.

William S. Peterson
University of Maryland, College Park

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