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Re: References sought

At 09:14 AM 11/20/95 +0000, Martyn Ould wrote:
>Just read my Bookways 15-16. Can someone let me have a reference for
>Adrian Wilson's "Design of Books" - in particular is it in a limited
>edition? Also Clifford Burke's "Printing Poetry" - was the Scarab
>Press edition limited? ie will I be looking for them on the fine press

Wilson's _Design of Books_ was first published in a hardcover edition by
Rheinhold (U.S.) and Studio Vista (London). The edition was not limited, but
as I recall it went out of print fairly quickly and I don't know that it was
reprinted. There was a paperback, I think from Dover, which may still be in

The Scarab Press _Printing Poetry_ was limited, but the edition was 2000
copies. I suspect it is out of print, but don't know for sure. Haven't heard
of a reprint edition.

Dwight Agner
Athens, Georgia                dagner@mindspring.com

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