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Re: toning paper repairs

In reply to Gary Walker's questions:

>with a 17 cent. book if I repair a corner of a page with a new piece of laid
>paper what is a good brown toning agent?
First of all, use a good paper that is as close to the original as
possible, then use PH Martin's water colors only as needed.  Tone the new
paper before attaching it.

>also how do you glue say a new corner of paper on  can it be made to look
>not repaired?
Use a good paste .  I prefer rice starch, but others like wheat starch.
The edges to be joined must be beveled so the edges slide one on top of the
other.  Apply a little bit of the paste to the beveled edge of one, situate
the other properly, and then dry between waxed paper under weight.
Consider using Japanese tissues instead- you can paste two or even three
together to approximate a color and get some very fine repairs.  I prefer
>with removing an old library mark or newer ink scribble i have used bleach and
>q tip with some success is some other chemical available?
NO!  Bleach will continue to destroy the paper, so don't use it.   Leave
the mark-- it's part of the book's provenance.
>also what is a washed book? like 17 cent. books-for sale are sometimes?
It means that the text has indeed been washed in water, dried, then put
back together again.  Sometimes additives are added to the water.  This is
a major operation.

Hope this helps.

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