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Resource Development

Dear Book_Arts_L Subscribers,

        The University of Idaho Bookarts homepage seeks information to add
to our growing on-line resource center. The Bookmaker Network at the
University of Idaho is a collaborative electronic resource center for
locating artist's books, practicioners and distributors, recently published
writing about artist's books, viewing a revolving Gallery of artist's
bookworks, and for obtaining information on book arts organizations and
exhibitions, web sties, suppliers, and can be viewed via Netscape at:

        We seek information to complete the following categories: Articles
about Artist's Books; Books about Bookarts; Books about Readership;
Catalogs of Commercial Distributors, Small Press Books, Bookarts
Exhibitions or Bookmaking Supplier;, Essays about Artist's Books or their
Practicioners; Bookarts Newsletters/Periodicals and Reviews of Book
Exhibitions. We ask that you mail us (electronically or ground transport)
at the address trailer below or write to Byron Clercx at:
<clercx@uidaho.edu">. Please send complete and accurate information to our
on-line bibliography and/or hard copies for reprint.

       If you are interested in exhibiting your works in the gallery or
have comments about our page please write directly to David Schlater,
Gallery, at <schla932@uidaho.edu">. To comment on, or post to, the
BookBlock write directly to Keith Arbtin <arbti911@uidaho.edu> or
<bookarts@uidaho.edu>. Please know your suggestions and contributions
continue to help us provide a quality interractive web site for bookarts
enthusiasts. We thank you in advance for your participation.

        Warm regards and happy holidays, Byron

Byron Clercx,
Department of Art
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83843
(office) 208.885.6146, (fax) 208.885.9428, (e-mail) <clercx@uidaho.edu>,
or by viewing the UI Bookarts Homepage at: <http://www.uidaho.edu/~bookarts>

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