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If interested please contact below address directly

MCBA Search Committee
24 North Third Street
Minneapolis MN 55401
tele: (612) 338-3634


MCBA is one of the leading book arts institutions in the country, a center for
professionals in the book arts, students, and the general public.  Facilities
include letterpress and offset printing, papermaking, book binding, a library
and exhibition space.  It has over 500 members and has additional financial
support from over 100 individuals and twenty corporations and foundations.  Over
11,000 people visited the facility last year for classes, lectures and

The Executive Director, working with a Board of Directors, is responsible for
carrying out the mission of the Center:  to nourish and interpret quality,
integrity and creativity in the arts involved in the creation of the physical
book; to serve artists practicing book arts and design; to involve and educate
diverse communities, regional and national, in the book in all its contexts -
aesthetic, cultural, social and commercial.

The Executive Director develops and implements artistic programs, is responsible
for financial management and staff, coordinates fundraising activities, works
with artists in Minnesota and elsewhere to create professional opportunities
that advance the field.

Background should include experience as an artist and as an administrator of
artistic programs for at least five years, and an ability to develop local and
national networks.

Letters of interest or applications and a resume should be sent to:

MCBA Search Committee
24 North Third Street
Minneapolis MN 55401


1.    Provide the artistic and creative leadership that will attract artists and
related organizations, in both the Twin Cities and nationally, in building
outstanding programs.

2.    Relationship building with the board and all related parts of the (local)

3.    Financial and business management of MCBA, including generating  earned
income and development dollars.

4.    Creating a strong (effective and flexible) administrative team, managing
and growing the staff.

5.    Focusing priorities and resources to enhance strategy, long term goals,
and short term needs.


1.    Management experience with 5 - 20 people, budgets of $300 - 750,000 and
program complexity.

2.    Experience (bottom line responsibility) for earned income.

3.    Implementation skills - planning, organizing, setting priorities.

4.    Strategic thinking - ability to articulate a long range plan and
implement programs accordingly.

5.    Ability to grow and organization and to collaborate with others.

6.    Communication skills, both written and oral, for dealing with a variety of

7.    Pragmatic judgment, decisive - ability to see key issues.

8.    Board relationship skills.

9.    Presence, social skills, engaging style.

10.  Community savvy, especially Twin Cities.

11.  Ability to relate to artists.

12.  Stature within his/her given field (preferably graphic arts and design).

schun001@maroon.tc.umn.edu      (w) 612 627-1851 ext 302
richard g schunn                (h) 612 377-1216

        Design Center for American Urban Landscape


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