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More links added to homepage

Here is a new site under construction by Mark McIntyre who is also
doing the Chicago Calligraphy Collective Site. The site can be linked to via
my homepage in the Book Arts Links section (http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey/
>World Wide Scribe Site
>This new site will include a complete history of writing/lettering
>arts/calligraphy; an international gallery of lettering artists; an area
>for linking to guild sites; and a resource center, which will include
>sites for calligraphy suppliers, calligraphy tips, calligraphy book
>reviews, and calligraphy classes/conferences (only major ones--local
>classes will be handled by futire guild web sites).

Another site which I have added to the same section is an "artists book"
which exists solely on the web and was done by a Syracuse University art
professor. It consists of photographic images and text. The actual size is
quite large so I would suggest that only those with a network or 14.4 or
better conenction try to download it. I have placed a link to it in the Book
Arts Gallery section of my homepage, url above.


Peter D. Verheyen                                 <wk> 315.443.9937
Conservation Librarian                           <fax> 315.443.9510
Syracuse University Library        <email> pdverhey@mailbox.syr.edu
Syracuse University             <www> http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey/
Syracuse, NY 13244           <listmgr> Book_Arts-L@listserv.syr.edu

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