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Re: Bibliography of bookbinding

Re Ms.Karen Crisalli's inquiry about cataloguing.

It seems to me that the best way for any serious bibliophile to catalogue
their collection would be to invest in a modestly price data base program
that is know for ease of use and user-friendliness.  Windows basing has
made data base programming easier, but there are somethings that always
seem to be troublesome in DB programs themselves.  Such as fields and
retrieval.  But a good book on DB handling will ease one through the
rough spots.  And don't be fooled by the programs that seem to be aimed
toward your market, for to be honest no one's presumption about how YOU
want to organize your library will satisfy, and therfore it becomes
prudent to just go ahead and design the DB for yourself, and a program
like Paradox is a neat place to start, and you CAN find relatively in-
expensive copies of earlier windows versions if you just look around.
But always remember that YOU are the one controlling the Database, not
the microprocessor, because DBs can be very intimidating until you get
to know them.  Once you get the knack of them however, you will wonder
what all the fuss was about, because you'll be able to do so much with
the data in the DB file and you can make a record as big or small as
you want, which allows for an abstract to be placed in the file, DBs
are by far the best thing for cataloguing books and other printed material
because just think of the DB and computer as the card-catalogue that
sat collecting dust in the library for years.  DB your books and you'll
have a card-catalgue, complete with abstracts (if you bother to put them
in) that would've taken up yard upon yard squared of space!  As far as
I'm concerned, the computer and DB is the boon of any bibliophile!
criticism welcomed.
P.s. Karen Crisalli's Bookbinder's Warehouse is fabulous, I just got
their catalogue and plan to send a request order for books to her/them.
question:  Is the GBW Directory a yearly thing like the Book Arts Directory?
also should I therefore wait before ordering it? (i.e. wait for the 1996
edition?)   also does the warehouse stock, or can it order Dover's print
of Edith Diehl's "Bookbinding: Its background and technique"  if so, I'd
like to order a copy of that as well, but I need to know first.  (list price
is $14.95)  I'd appreciate hearing from Ms. Crisalli re this inquiry.
is $14.95)  I'd appreciate hearing from Ms. Crisalli re this inquiry.
BTW any thought on the NPR ATC story last night on the vandalism and
theft at LOC?  It sickens me to think that people would be so cruel to
books, but greed seems ubiquitous these days, je nais c'est pas?
Rommel John Miller
a wannabe librarian/Bookbinder/conservator.

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