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Re: Bibliography of bookbinding

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Karen Crisalli wrote:

> Like Peter V., I also collect books about books, specifically bookbinding
> manuals in English (with a few exceptions) and have about 300 titles in my
> personal collection. Unfortunately the list was begun in my word processor
> years ago and has never been properly cataloged, which brings me to a
> question: can anyone recommend a good and relatively inexpensive program for
> cataloging this collection?  In its present form it is not very helpful for
> compiling a bibliography...
> Also, I should mention that Mr. Ken Grabowski, librarian at the Field Museum
> in Chicago, has been working on a bibliography of bookbinding for quite some
> time now, and I think it is fairly close to completion and publication now.
> Karen Crisalli

I have been using Pro-Cite for such purposes for quite a few years. There
is a new Windows version of it, but it seems to be filled with
bugs, so for the time being I am sticking with the DOS version.
It's a very flexible program, especially in its ability to produce
citations in many of the standard styles.

William S. Peterson
University of Maryland, College Park

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