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Lynd Ward

Hey - I'm only 2 hours away - this sounds worth the trip.  I grew up with two
of Lynd Ward's woodcut novels, *Wild Pilgrimage* and *Vertigo*, in my
father's bookshelves.  Until sometime in my teens, I didn't understand that
the red pages in *WP* are dream sequences, but I kept going back to the books
and their images. About 20 years ago, I was in the habit of asking used book
dealers about the woodcut novels. I lucked into the edition of *Frankenstein*
illustrated by Ward, which is terrific (both senses of the word $:-) and
also got a copy of the paperback reiusse of *God's Man* - the quality of
reproduction doesn't come close to the originals, but still...

Thanks for the tip!!

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