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Re: Book cloth

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Maureen M Carey wrote:

> Thanks Jeff - have you ever had and problems with the paste seeping
> through the cloth? -

Not yet, but the loosest weave I've used it on is something similar to
airplane linen.  Or mabey I just didn't notice. :)

 also do you have any experience with cloth that
> won't take water, like some of the silks we've been considering? I had
> heard about a product that was used to stablize textiles - it was ironed
> on the back - and wondered if this might work if the material didn't take
> kindly to a water based glue.
good question.  What is used to size silk?  Usually it is drummed on
-glued on the edges on the back of a sheet of paper or card- when used
for doublures or flyleaves, to avoid the problem. Any thoughts out there?

Jeff Peachey

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