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Re: Book cloth

 Back in my student days, we used to use a hide glue if the material
wouldn't take water or the weave was loose - by glueing the japanese
tissue first and letting it set a bit before laying down the cloth, we
could get good adhesion, no bleed through from the glue. I've gotten so
used to using paper backed cloths and PVA adheshives that I'm a little
nervous about using hide glue ( wheat paste no problem ). I suspect it's
going to take a bit of experimenting...doesn't seem as if there is a
commercial book cloth that will fit the bill!

Thanks again, Maureen

>  also do you have any experience with cloth that
> > won't take water, like some of the silks we've been considering? I had
> > heard about a product that was used to stablize textiles - it was ironed
> > on the back - and wondered if this might work if the material didn't take
> > kindly to a water based glue.
> >
> good question.  What is used to size silk?  Usually it is drummed on
> -glued on the edges on the back of a sheet of paper or card- when used
> for doublures or flyleaves, to avoid the problem. Any thoughts out there?
> Jeff Peachey

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