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Re: Book cloth

At 02:49 PM 11/30/95 EST, Michael F. Copado wrote:
>This may sound weird, but there is some sort of product that
>seamstresses and people who sew use, to attach fabric appliques
>to other pieces of fabric.

(Sorry for the repeat! I hit send before I was through with this message.)

The product to which you are referring is called "Stitch "Witchery"". Ther
are similar products by other manufacturers. It is sold in fabric stores. I
have used it successfully on some rather delicate fabrics to bond tissue for
non-bleed through gluing. Directions are right on the product. The material
Dritz corp says is 100% polyamide. Don't know about its archival quality.
Although the directions say to use steam, I have always used a dry iron with
good bonding. It reduces bleed through of glue and prevents the stretching
of delicate fabrics.
     Dave Walkden

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