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Iron-on adhesive

It was suggested earlier that it might be possible to use iron-on adhesive to
adhere tricky fabric to backing paper.  I have not tried it, but I recently
received some information on Therm O Web's "Heat N Bond".  The brochure says:
 "Heat N Bond is an ultra strong, paper-backed adhesive designed specifically
for "no-sew" craft projects.  Unlike other fusible web products, Heat N
Bond's consistent "layer of glue" is strong enough to hold down heavy and
dense materials...yet it can be used with delicate fabrics because it
requires less heat and a shorter pressing time!  Heat N Bond's advanced
formula puts an end to fusible web limitations, to provide the craftmaker
with supior results in a wide range of applications."  It says that it can be
used to bond foil, felt, lame, lace, glitter, denim, suede, leather, wood,
cardboard, chiffon, rhinestones, and more!  In short, all my favorite book
cloths.  Ed (Hutchins)

PS: There are good instructions including step-by-step photos) for backing
ordinary fabric with paper (using paste) in:  JAPANESE BOOK BINDING by Kojiro
Ikegami, ISBN 0-8348-0196-5, 1986, Weatherhill, 128 pp., $32.50.  I know that
it's available from Bookbinder's Warehouse.

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