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GBW Directories

In response to Rommel John Miller's query about the status of the GBW
Directory, if you are referring to the "Membership Directory" it is issued
every fall, and is only available as a part of ones paid membership dues. On
the other hand, if you are referring to the GBW (Guild of Book Workers)
"Supply Directory", it is automatically sent free to all members, and is also
available for sale to non-membbers; it is updated about every two years and
is available for $12. It is in the process of being updated now and therefore
the 1996 version should be available in a few short months. The Supply
Directory has 85+ pages listing U.S. and a few foreign sources for various
bookbinding supplies; also contains a geographical cross-reference, and a
listing of sources by catagory as well as the alphabetical listing. If you
are not a GBW member but would like to order one, you can e-mail me your
request and I will keep it "on back order" until such time as the new Supply
Directories are ready.

Karen Crisalli, President GBW

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