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Seybold Board Shear

Howdy, folks!

I'm appealing to the collective wisdom of the Book Arts List in this
matter.  I work for the Preservation Dept. of the General Libraries of the
Universty of Texas at Austin.  Recently we recovered / acquired a very old
board shear.  We would like to place a date on it's manufacture, if
possible.  The only identifying marker it has is the manufacturer's plate,
which reads:
OHIO, U.S.A.     There are decorative devices on either side of the words
BY THE.  The plate is bordered with a single bold line.

Other helpful clues:  the legs are two semicircles, with the open side
down.  It is cast iron.  The ruler is in inches.  Up the middle of the bed,
parallel to the cutting edge, is a groove that a guide moves up and down
on.  The bed measures 26 inches across by 39.5 inches long.  We think that
Berkely has an identical board shear, based on a photo someone here once

If anyone can help us with any information about this machine, please let
me know.  Also, any tips about maintenance & use would be greatly
appreciated as well.

Thanks in adavance,

Alan Van Dyke
Technical Staff Assistant II
Preservation Dept.
General Libraries
University of Texas at Austin

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