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Re: Peter VanWingen

May I add my comments about Peter VanWingen to those of Betty Bright and
Terry Belanger?

I first became aware of Peter's existence in the early eighties when I
was editing a collection of William Morris's essays on typography and
book illustration. I needed quite a bit of help in annotating the essays
and locating suitable illustrations, and in the Rare Book reading room at
the Library of Congress I stumbled upon Peter, who proved to be the ideal
adviser. He was generous, friendly, and enormously knowledgeable.

We gradually struck up a very pleasant relationship. Occasionally we
traveled to New York together on the train, we often bumped into each on
the streets of Capitol Hill, and for many years we have had lunch
together at regular (but, alas, too infrequent) intervals. I do not
profess to be one of his close friends, but I certainly knew Peter well
enough to report that he was one of the finest persons I have ever
encountered. I was always deeply impressed by Peter's intelligence,
his sense of humor, his integrity, and above all by his quiet religious
and moral convictions.

I will miss Peter greatly, and I know that many others will too.

William S. Peterson
University of Maryland, College Park

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