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Re: Book Cloth

Dear Michael McColgin:

I hope you don't mind my taking advantage of the message you sent to Pat
Baldwin -- I just wanted to say hello & introduce myself as well,
particularly as my family is intending to move back to Arizona (I was there
from 1984-1993, in Tucson; my wife has lived there since she was 10 years
old) this summer, with some possibilities of being involved with book arts
projects with the University of Arizona Department of Art next year (but
that's far from confirmed yet). For the past two and a half years, until
August, I was executive director of Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Now I'm
back to being a private citizen, in business for myself as a writer,
designer, and publication consultant; and managing the work of literary
publishing (in book arts & trade paperback editions) for Chax Press.

And right now envying your Arizona warmth.

all best wishes,


Charles Alexander
Chax Press
P.O. Box 19178
Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178
612-721-6063 (phone & fax)

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