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Web Page Quandry

Hello all.
I have completely redesigned the web pages for the Canadian Bookbinders and
Book Artists Guild after learning some tricks from my son (who is about to
go into business designing web pages locally). The new design was prompted
partly by a desire for a different aesthetic, and partly to make for
speedier loading.
I have received many compliments on the existing CBBAG pages, especially
the comprehensive book arts links page and would like to share this
information with as many people as possible (I've also recieved a few
complaints that they take too long to load). The quandry is that the old
pages were written following accepted HTML protocol, while the new ones use
tables, and I am concerned that many people will not be able to view the
pages properly.
The existing pages were written/designed last August after having gained
access to the web in early July: in other words, they are a beginner's
first effort. And you know how designers are - never satisfied with the
status quo. Unfortunately, I have not really kept up with browser
development lately and have no idea what proportion of you would be unable
to view a page incorporating tables.
I invite you to e-mail me personally if you feel strongly that I shouldn't
put up the newer design.
I also invite you to visit the current pages if you haven't already done
so, and send me suggestions for improvement, or the URL of any book arts
pages you know of which I have not included.
The new pages are 99% complete, so if I don't get swamped by nay-sayers, I
will probably upload them to the server next weekend.
Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy your visit.

Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
**CBBAG now on the Web**

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