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Re: Book cloth

Seal Corporation has been producing and marketing dry mount adhesives
since the late 1930's.  Last I heard, they are owned by Hunt (which also
owns Ademco and Bienfang).  Seal's line of products can be purchased at
arts, crafts, and photographic supply stores.  Light Impressions is just
one distributor.

Seal sells several products that are similar (if not the same) adhesive
which is marketed to different industries.  There may be price
differences between ArchivalMount, Fusion 4000, and say Fotoflat.  If
memory serves, Fusion 4000 is the one recommended for use with fabrics.
ArchivalMount is thick.  If the silk needs to bend, perhaps Fusion 4000
would be a better choice because it is an adhesive film.  THere is no
paper base as in ArchivalMount.

In fact, that is why ArchivalMount is "archival."  It is because of the
paper base, which is supposed to be good quality with an alkaline
reserve.  Synthetic polymers (most modern dry mounts) aer by nature
neither acidic nor alkaline.  Unfortunately "acid-free" has become a
marketing tool.  Think of "sugar-free" rump roasts, or fat-free celery.

I've used dry mounts, heatable PVA's, PVAc emulsions, BEVA, and wheat
starch paste to mount and back textiles (silk included).  I prefer the
wheat starch paste.  It is a natural product and you know whathow it is
going to age.  On the other hand, Fotoflat (another Seal product) gave me
nice flat and quick results for covering a 100% rag mat with silk.

If you decide dry mount is the way to go, experiment with the
temperatures and dwell time.  These will vary with the thickness of the
cloth and weave pattern, and your altitude.  Try shooting for an equal
distribution of adhesive between cloth and backing, not getting adhesive
through the front.  180 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level from anywhere
between 10-30 seconds should be close to proper mounting.  The range for
most of the Seal products is 150-225 deg. F.  Heat can alter some colors,
so check a swatch first.  Most mounting is done face up with the mount on
the bottom, adhesive layer, then material to be mounted.  You can mount
through multiple layers of release paper or a folder if you want more
control (longer time, lower temperature).

Send me a message off-list if you want or desire more technical (gag)
information on dry mounts.  Didn't want to bore folks. (snore).

Stephanie Watkins

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Gary & Kathy Miller wrote:

> I was pondering the question of backing silk this week also, and talked to
> some experts in San Diego. They  recommend Seal Archival Mount (Acid-Free)
>  available from:
> Light Impressions
> 439 Monroe Aveue
> PO Box 940
> Rochester, NW 14603-0940
> 1-800-828-5539
> Has anyone had any experience with this?
> Kathy
> Iron Bear Press

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