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Re: Book cloth

(if not the same) adhesive
>which is marketed to different industries.  There may be price
>differences between ArchivalMount, Fusion 4000, and say Fotoflat.  If
>memory serves, Fusion 4000 is the one recommended for use with fabrics.
>ArchivalMount is thick.  If the silk needs to bend, perhaps Fusion 4000
>would be a better choice because it is an adhesive film.  THere is no
>paper base as in ArchivalMount.
>Stephanie Watkins
>On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Gary & Kathy Miller wrote:
>> I was pondering the question of backing silk this week also, and talked to
>> some experts in San Diego. They  recommend Seal Archival Mount (Acid-Free)
>>  available from:
>> Light Impressions
>> 439 Monroe Aveue
>> PO Box 940
>> Rochester, NW 14603-0940
>> 1-800-828-5539
>> Has anyone had any experience with this?
>> Kathy
>> Iron Bear Press
Kathy and Gary Miller,
I do not have your email or phone so will try to contact thru list:  Since
we are presumably neighbors (San Diego area), call me and perhaps we can
arrange for you to try a sample of my Fusion 4000 so you won't have to buy
a full roll.  I also have some neat Japanese paste you might try in a
sample size.  Call me or use email...

Claudia Stall
Head of Collection Preservation Unit
San Diego State University Library

Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit/Mendery
San Diego State University Library
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA  92182-8050

Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

(619) 594-2591

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