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To Jennifer Hunter, et al. who desire to learn the craft:
Two schools I know of offer Master's Degrees in the Book Arts, one
is an MLS program in Conservatorship at University of Texas at Austin,
but beware!  This grad program has a CHEMISTRY requirement (which to me
is justifiable but beyond my grasp) that prefers all applicants to have
completed at least one semester of organic.  Knowing that most schools
don't let you into organic without gen chem 1 and 2, it would mean an
additional 4 semesters of work, and oy! I've spent 5 years already in
undergraduate studies and I do so desperately want to move on!

        The other is the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.  (As Groucho
once said, "The Elephants are friendlier there because their Tuscaloosa."
(Tuscaloosa=tusks are looser)  Anyway, 'Bama offers an MFA program in
the Books Arts which centers on the artistic presentation of unbound
materials, which means not so much restoration of old books as it is
the tasteful and aesthectically pleasing process of casing special
editions from small-presses.  Neat and cool if you ask me, but I am
intimidated by the fact that I am not much of an artist.

        That said, there is a really nice "crafts" school in Boston, Mass.
called the "North Bennet Street School" and one of their programs is a
two-year non-degree course in bookbinding.  You'll recieve a certificate and
diploma upon successful completion but not an Master's Degree.  Oh well.

        Another school I've stumbled upon in my search is the Columbia
College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts.  I don't know much about
them but I'm going to send for information to see if they too will consider
teaching this disabled veteran the laudable craft of bookbinding.

Phone numbers:  North Bennet Street School
                39 N. Bennet Street, Boston, MA  02113  (617)227-0155

                Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
                218 S. Wabash Avenue, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL  60604-2316

BTW -- The old days of Jeopardy used to feature gifts and prizes from the
Speigel Catalogue, and I remember good old Don Pardoe saying: The Spiegel
Company, Chicago Illinois 60604!

Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for quirky little nuances like that!
(Rather than calling me crazy, I'd prefer to be called Ishmael. (nyuk))
Rommel JOhn Miller
a wannabee bookbinder and sometime wise-guy

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