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>Hello All,
>     I'm very new to this list and to this subject.  Just recently I
>acquired Sharon LaPlantz' "Cover to Cover" and have been going nuts
>making BOOKS ( I've loved books all my life and the fact that I can
>make one thrills me)!!  Anyway, I'd like to show my ignorance and ask
>what schooling is out there in terms of bookbinding?  Do most fine
>arts programs include bookbinding/book arts?
>     Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Please send any
>replies directly to me as not to BORE the rest of the list<:
>     Thank you,
>                             Jennifer Hunter         peterl@ips.ca
>                             Halifax, N.S.

Jennifer and everyone,

Greetings.  I agree with someone else who wrote that they like to have
replies posted to the group.  I'm a lettering artist who has become
interested in bookbinding via workshops given at international lettering
art conferences held in the US every year.  I realize I am a complete
novice at this binding thing but have always been interested in books and
have collected some interesting pieces along the way.  I know that there is
a whole field of conservation and am truly interested in this--lucky enough
to have toured years ago the laboratories at the Newberry Library and
viewed and held some of the pieces there.  Alas, I am not schooled,  but
sure have an itch.  This book arts list has been a wonderful source of
information.  It has been exciting to "listen" in on all the advice and
questions posed.

I'm considering transferring to a book arts program.  (One that I can
manage with a full time "job", motherhood and volunteer activities!!)  I
agree it is wonderful to be near Chicago and the Center for the Book &
Paper Arts and the Newberry Library and the Chicago Calligraphy Collective
and the place where I work --Northwestern University which has Deering
Library and some wonderful illuminated manuscript pages and pieces

I believe the Center for the Book & Paper Arts has put together a new
promo piece; unfortunately don't have it with me here at the office
computer but I can write again and tell you about it.  Very nicely crafted
piece about a very good program.

I just purchased Sharon LaPlantz's book as well.  I love it and it has
really inspired.   As a beginner,  another  I've found extremely helpful
and awesome is Keith A. Smith's "Non-Adhesive Binding: Books Without Paste
or Glue".  My first real handbook and guide since the interest began.
Sources section is great and the index of terms was and still is so
helpful.  A new book I've been able to glance at and will order is "Books
Boxes & Wraps: Binding and Building, Step by Step".  The book is by Marilyn
Webberley and JoAn Forsyth.  It sells for $35 and I know you can get it
through John Neal Bookseller, 1833 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro, NC
27403; tel: 910 272 7604.  Are you all familiar with John Neal
Bookseller--mail order operation; call or write for their catalogue;
lettering arts and bookbinding supplies.

Anyway, enough from me.  Peter D. V. thanks for maintaining this list and
your web site is great--  couldn't take it all in in one sitting.  Rommel
John Miller, I thoroughly enjoy your meanderings.

Best wishes,



Kathy Mandell
Northwestern University
Department of Biochemistry,
Molecular Biology & Cell Biology
2153 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
voice:  1-708-467-2126;  fax: 1-708-491-4461
email: kathym@nwu.edu

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