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Re: Book Arts in Tuscaloosa

>In response to the recent posts about MFA programs in book arts,
>specifically some erroneous statements about the program at the
>University of Alabama, I would like to clarify what we are doing down
>here as a graduate student in the book arts program, which is
>part of the School of Library and Information Studies.

>If you want to learn printing, the program isa good one because our
>printing professor, Steve Miller

> This means that although the master's degree doesn't mean you
>are a master, it does mean that you know the craft well enough to
>produce quality work, not just "artist's books."

Dear John Marc Green:

I'm excerpting a couple of bits from your message. I studied with Walter
Hamady, who taught Steve Miller as well. I've also made more than 25
handprinted letterpress books, and many broadsides, which I believe are
quality work, although of course such a judgment is always up for debate.

And I just wanted to say that this last statement of yours is ill-informed
and extremely snotty. Please get your nose out of the air and try to
appreciate "just 'artist's books'" for what they are, not for something you
think they're not. I would also encourage people who make artist's books to
do the same for your work.

Charles Alexander
Chax Press
P.O. Box 19178
Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178
612-721-6063 (phone & fax)

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