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Re: Book Arts in Tuscaloosa

At first I read "just artists' books" the way Charles did, but then
immediately realized that the writer certainly meant "JUST artists' books."
(Reminds me of the Rorschach [or however it's spelled!] test.)

Lavinia Adler

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, John Charles wrote:

> I don't see anything "snotty" in the e-mail from Tuscaloosa, I think
> it's very straightforward and very contained in its tone. The phrase
> "just artist's book"s does not belittle the form but means "as well
> as artist's books," i.e. one has learned to do other useful things in
> the book arts. Mr Alexander should remove the chip on his shoulder.
> Regards, John Charles
> Bruce Peel Special Collections Library
> U. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. T6G2J8
> (403)-492-7929. Fax: (403)-492-5083.
> John.Charles@UAlberta.Ca

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