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Re: book arts in tuscaloosa

If you look in the archives, especially 94, you'll find this was discussed
with, along with what is a book almost ad nauseum. Don't get me wrong, it is
a debate I love, and I'm a traditional fine binder, leather, vellum... so
there's always that tension and conflict. I think the point I'm trying to
make is that it was not and probalby won't be resolved, ever. Richard also
loves to pick debates so he was being provacative and I was just saying
"here we go again...

The archives are really worth exploring and are fully searchable.


>Peter - maybe you have on old archived file around you could use as part
>of an FAQ?  And send it to inquiries such as this one...

>On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:
>> Oi, here we go....
>> >Please, what is meant by the term "artist's book"?
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