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New "Old" Books

  I see Oak Knoll Press is republishing two books that are of interest to
hand bookbinders.  One, (I've have been looking for a copy for some time)
is:  "Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand: A Working Guide" by Laura S.
Young.  I have found her book to be of great help both as a reference on
techniques and a step-by-step check list for carrying out binding
operations. The other is "Encyclopedia of the Book" by Geoffrey Glaister. I
am not so familiar with this book. But I have used someone elses copy a
number of times. It contains (to quote the catalog) "over 3,000
alphabetically-arranged definitions of the terms used in bookbinding,
printing, paper making, and the book trade."  You can reach Oak Knoll at
oakknoll@ssnet.com. My only interest in them is a consuming one.

     Dave Walkden

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